09. 04. — 10. 04. — Startup World Cup Summit 2019

Change. Adapt. Evolve. Seems that we should stop discussing the frequency of technical revolutions around us. The change is omnipresent, it s ever-present, always here. So is the so called technical revolution . Health industry is advancing from disease treating into well-being and preventive, automotive is transforming into autonomous, institutional banking is shifting into peer-to-peer decentralised money trading… Let s become a vivid part of this evolution! Let s support entrepreneurial spirit that drives this progression. Let s tear down the new trade barriers, let s help the new businesses to rise and shine across Europe and further. Startup World Cup & Summit is a natural step in this process where entrepreneurs can learn from each other, where they can get access to investors, where the great ideas are being spread and the best projects presented and supported immediately.

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